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Welcome to Tongadive! 

We take immense pride in being a technology led product company, bringing a disruptive approach to the supply chain by combining Blockchain with Neural Networks based AI technologies. 

We work relentlessly to simplify and demystify complex technologies so that businesses, big and small, benefit from ever evolving technologies without  getting entangled in complexities of implementation, migration and maintenance.

Tongadive’s software tool,  Evidnt,  ensures that the digital journey and footprint of products, as they move through a complex network of supply chain partners, is secure, immutable and transparent. Our R&D team has developed an innovative algorithm of extracting serialized data and combining it with DLT (Digital Ledger Technology) features of Enterprise Blockchain to bring end to end visibility to the product journey.  Researchers at Tongadive have further extended this technology by combining it with Neural Network based AI concepts to bring accurate Demand Forecasting for manufacturers.

Our Team

Anubha Dixit

Founder, CEO

Anubha is the Founder and CEO of Tongadive. She is seeking to bring to life long sought disruption in supply chain – simplicity and visibility. Anubha is a technologist with 20+ years of experience in software product development, launch and support using data technologies.  Anubha’s expertise is built on a strong foundation of education – Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer Science and Master’s in Computer Engineering topped with a Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Management from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Over the years, she has applied her learnings while enriching her experience working with world leading technology companies like Ericsson, HP, Intel and Syncsort.  


Anubha is a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion. She is committed to leading by example and making a mark in a technology area where few women leaders are found while building an organisation that is based on equality, sustainability and empathy. Acknowledging the role played by education in building a more equal society, Anubha has co-founded Pumpkin Seeds, a charity working to provide opportunities to girls through high quality education.

Richa Sharma

Operations Lead

Richa leads the operations at Tongadive. Holding a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from University of Rajasthan. Richa went on to strengthen her qualification through a postgraduate degree from King’s College London. Being a keen learner, Richa has always been inspired to diversify her areas of knowledge acquisition. Her curiosity in the new technology, and the passion to built something new has motivated her to manage operations at Tongadive.


Richa is a  firm believer of finding solutions to the world’s problems through the use of new technologies. She is driven by her conviction that an  intelligent and simplified approach to the technology can be pivotal in establishing trust and creating more business opportunities. Richa  is  adept at people management, operation management and project management.  The skills that ensure smooth running of day to day operations at Tongadive. She is managing Tongadive’s operations across India and the UK.




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