Tongadive’s product Evidnt brings to life years of research into data technology, its application in supply chain context and tackling complex questions around scalability, immutability and security of product data during its journey. Led by Tongadive Founder CEO, the team has developed a unique algorithm studying supply chain vulnerabilities and GS1 serialised data concepts to build a product that is truly unique and disruptive.

Evidnt, a ‘First of its kind’ plug and play software that combines Enterprise Blockchain (DLT) with Neural Networks based AI analytics engine to provide end to end visibility of product journey through the supply chain utilising GS1 serialised data.

This lightweight solution helps healthcare stakeholders build a secure, immutable, trustworthy and transparent digital footprint of products on their journey from source to end consumer.

  • Corda Enterprise Blockchain Powered
  • AWS Cloud Hosted Environment
  • Simple end user experience with access through web and mobile
  • Neural Networks based AI Analytics Engine (under development with funding from UK Government)
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Open API Interface
  • Agile development methodology with Continuous Build and Integration

Mass deployment of Evidnt would help with ‘Amazonification’ of healthcare supply chain, providing just in time, on demand, secure supply of healthcare products that also helps reduce wastage and promotes circular economy.

Finding Simplicity in the Depth of Technology

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